JayOAT is a Rochester, NY consulting firm established to help bring technology and business insights to a broad audience. Over a decade of experience in engineering and applied research has provided me with a great background to know what companies need. I want to help USA based companies be more innovative and competitive while ensuring all employees are well served. I strongly believe in the triple bottom line of profit, people, and planet.

Industry Experience

Leveraging broad industry experience to find the right solution.

Jay of all Tech offers services for a variety of industries. Whether you are looking for help with mechanical design and testing of a new product or computer vision software to control your robot, we have you covered.

Why JayOAT

Dedication. Passion. Experience.

With a formal education in engineering and business, I will be able to provide you with a solution that meets both technical and business requirements. With broad experience in everything from flight critical aerospace design to ROI dashboards, you are in good hands. I am passionate about all things technology as well as empowering people to achieve their true potential.


Jay Wheaton
  • BS/MS Mechanical Engineering (RIT)
  • MBA Innovation Management (RIT)
  • Minor Electrical Engineering (RIT)

My career path has been a winding road but I have made an effort to grab as much knowledge as possible along the way. I did cancer research as a grad student, worked in various roles at L3Harris to design, test, and analyze military radios, moved on to passive and active motion control product design for wind and heavy equipment at LORD Corporation, then to a role as a Pollution Prevention Engineer for NYSP2I and finally an applied researcher leading DoD funded projects such as electric vehicle prognostics and industrial robotics at RIT. I have visited many manufacturers and evaluated startup technologies in a variety of industries and always leave with a notepad full of ideas. I am an idea guy that spends my evenings and weekends working on my drone startup or studying the latest leadership concepts. JayOAT allows me to have minimal barriers so I can do what I do best - help companies solve difficult problems. I am excited to leverage my passion for business and technology to help others succeed.

Contact Us

Send us an email at info@jayoat.com